Shaastra Nepal

Three young men, looking for an exposure to, their local Nepalese community, via the medium of music, was realized after getting together in a house, resided by their drummer, after countless sessions and building an understanding where there stood from playing catchy rock and folk tunes.

Little did they know that the innocent, arvo gatherings would lead them to venture out on a journey they have had for 5 strong years, receiving appreciation and love from their local community over leaps and bounds. It so started out that these young men, were to represent, Brisbane in the Nepalese Battle of bands in Sydney in 2010 at the holy grounds of Oxford Art Factory, as a 3 man band.


These men called themselves, SHAASTRA, a word derived from Sanskrit meaning historic. Shaastra, even though not able to bag the top prize, they however did win the hearts and admiration of the audience and the Judges. Bass player, Thupden Bhutia, bagged the best bassist in the competition.

Shaastra has never looked back ever since. They have been a common fixture for numerous gigs that has taken place in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. From playing soft numbers of Adrian Pradhan to heart enchantingly heavy materials from Metallica, and not to forget their Original KE HO, with mind numbing drum patterns from Manas, and a scintillating vocal progression from Yoban the front man, who also plays the lead guitars in the band.

Not to forget Suresh, the tech guru of the band and his attention to details, into tonal qualities and his knowledge of sound and audio programming sums up the back none of the band.

Shaaastra has recently teamed up with MERO EVENTS, an entrepreneur and a ticketing firm, looking to explore the different realms of opportunity the band and the team as a whole is to be unleashed.